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Dear Single Mommy: Heal. Forgive. You Are Meant For More w/ Audrey Renee

May 12, 2021

Joining me today is Audrey Renee of Dear Single Mommy.

Audrey Renee is a writer, author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and life coach. Audrey used to be homeless and live in a transitional home where God called her to start ministering to the hearts of mothers. It was there she found forgiveness and healing through blogging and letter writing.

God then placed a few things upon her heart and Audrey turned her pain into purpose and started a community for single moms to come together and encourage each other. Soon after getting on her feet, God brought Audrey to a place where she was able to save $10,000 and leave her job during the pandemic. Audrey is committed to being an example to moms everywhere and redefining what it means to be a single mom. 

What I love about Audrey is how open she is. During our conversation, she poured from her heart. Not only did she share her experience and all she has going on but she truly left inspiring words that minister to all moms/women listening.

In this episode, Audrey shares:

  • The encounter that changed her life for the good
  • The evolution of Dear Single Mommy
  • How healing and forgiveness are vital to elevate to your next level
  • How you can't allow people and systems to keep you stuck
  • What to do when God is calling you to "more"

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