UA-124564738-1 Blinded by the “D”: How to Break Patterns and Behaviors that No Longer Serve You w/ Dahnni McLean
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Blinded by the “D”: How to Break Patterns and Behaviors that No Longer Serve You w/ Dahnni McLean

May 8, 2021

Today in the guest chair is Dahnni McLean, author of "Blinded By the D".

Fun Fact: Dahnni and I have been friends for years. We have supported each other through our business and life journeys. In fact, Dahnni is the first (and maybe the only person to call me WannMo) which inspired by business entity name and various ventures that fall under that umbrella.

Fast forward to the present, Dahnni is not only a friend, but also a client who I had the honor of coaching through my Power of One Coaching program. In the 30 days, we spent together, I watched Dahnni grow, build her confidence and get her book finished and published. I think I enjoyed the journey as much as she did and now she is here to talk to all of us about being blinded by the D.

In today's episode, Dahnni keeps it real as only she can. She shares:

  • her "awakening" moment and the heart-wrenching choices she was faced with
  • how important it is to lead by and be an example to your children
  • the power of certain "D's" in our lives
  • why a "cookie cleanse" is an important part of the healing process
  • the connection between fear, decisions, and commitments

Mentioned in this episode:

Blinded By the D

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About Dahnni: 

Dahnni McLean is an eccentric lover of God!  A mama of two beautiful brilliant creative children Harlan& Heaven.

Dahnni is the author of Blinded by the “D”,  an educator, and unorthodox preacher of Gods word that speaks through the life she lives. A life that is completely imperfect with  all kinds of mess ups,mistakes,bad decisions, gracious triumphs ,loads of rebuilding, and RESETTING! 

She is also the Scout Leader of “The Cookie Cleanse” who consistently challenges herself to NEVER QUIT and continue to press towards the mark of a higher calling in God. 

Connect with Dahnni:

Instagram: Dahnnii McLean

Facebook: Dahnnii McLean

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